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      Guangdong huayuan electric appliance co., LTDIs a collection of scientific research and development、Product manufacturing、Trade in an integrated kitchen electric cooker manufacture enterprise,Companies from product development to product manufacturing,Follow the international standard,Make the product design、On the quality control into the beauty。

      Company from the product structure,Absorbing foreign advanced technology、To evaluate the domestic similar products,Similar to the existing technology absorption and innovation;Expanding market development,Products are also changing,The company has18A different category of products,Each product is fit for the needs of different guests,Each meticulously,The operation is simple,Jane About the nature,Green energy-efficient appliances and kitchen utensils products,A deeper approach of modern life,Create a new atmosphere for the whole industry!

     Companies constantly expanding external demand,On the global market for comprehensive coverage、Sales,Products are exported to Europe,The americas、Asia、Africa and other regions30Several countries,According to the requirements of different parts of the product,Company's existing resources to meet customer needs。“Take the customer as this,Green environmental protection first”Got perfect in this paper, the concept of design and manufacturing。

      The company in the future direction of economic development,Will adhere to the pragmatic persistent、The style of innovation,The role of will when wave,To create a more harmonious strategic economic,To become the world's important partners of kitchen utensils!

Guangdong huayuan electric appliance co., LTD,Specialize in Electric rice cooker seriesElectric pressure cooker seriesThe kettle seriesHot pot seriesSimmer pot seriesDepartment series And so on,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:(86)075aa0003766308

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