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A from“The tang dynasty”Parent-child activities
”Swat dad”In guiding riot security drill
Xu shen's kindergarten class what regular management activities
Childishness to draw the Chinese dream
Garden to supervise under tight security,Beautiful campus quality of ascension

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Danjiangkou city the international kindergarten

Hubei Yang Rhine montessori kindergarten

Xinzhou district of wuhan yangluo street scene international kindergarten

       Wuhan eight verses shin co., LTD is the first domestic education development
Early childhood education and family education,Provide relevant information in an all-round way
Products and the operation of the kindergarten management professional education services。
      Big child receives“Give the child a healthy、Happy、Rich
The idea of childhood”For the purpose,Build“Open、Respect、Experience”
The education of environment,Practice“Focusing on personality、Develop habits”The education
Rule,Strive to create the most domestic high diversity characteristics...

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